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Benjamin Soltoff

Father, husband, political scientist, data nerd

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As a teacher, I believe my primary mission is to prepare students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives. Our society depends on educated individuals capable of participating in all aspects of our society. The explosive growth in digital data and its increasing use throughout government, academia, business, and non-profits require skilled practicioners who can perform the major components of data science: computer programming, data wrangling, exploratory analysis, data visualization, advanced analytical approaches, etc. However these skills must also be paired with a rigorous education in the funamental approaches of computational social science, such as research design, theory-building, and adhering to ethical standards of practice. All of my course objectives support these approaches approach by developing both practical programming and analytical skills, as well as training students to approach their research questions as scientists. I recognize that teaching is a skill which is best honed by training, research, and application, and continually seek to improve my skills as an educator.

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Computational Social Science

American Politics

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